Bike Skills WORKSHOPS ARE returning!

Tuesday nights! To sign up, please email with the subject "LEARN TO DO BIKES!" and please specify your experience level. Example levels: A) Bike-curious  B) Could ride if had to  C) I do the Wednesday night rides (WOO-HOO!! Do a Jager-bomb with me, new best friend!) and probably have a roommate who "knows all about bikes."  D) I commute by bike sometimes or every day, or I race at the professional level, but my team mechanic handles the dirty work  E) I'm the roommate who "knows all about bikes" and I fix & flip bikes on Craigslist or work at one of those shops that sells cheap fixies  F) I've read every BLUG and Sheldon's entire website, and I just want an excuse to get out of the house and argue about the physical properties of steel versus ceramic bearings  G) I've worked as a professional mechanic, and just want to get better/faster at my job