We strongly endorse the use of second hand bikes for cyclocommuting.  Manufacturing is an extraordinary drain on the Earth's finite resources, and the trend toward disposability that seems to have begun about seven or so decades ago continues to produce astonishing new lows in production quality.  Year after year, department stores and unscrupulous cheap fixie shops manage to sell thousands of  woefully underengineered, poorly manufactured that are vaguely similar replicas of bicycles to consumers who are so far removed from local economies that they are completely unaware that bicycles, when made from actual bicycle parts, by well rested adults who are being compensated for their efforts, and then assembled by individuals who have been in the field for more than a week and who care about the finished product can function perfectly, and if properly maintained, can last for several generations.  All the while, there are beautifully made cycles hanging on hooks in garages, because their technology is no longer suitable for inspiring the confidence that racers need to push themselves a little harder than the other guys.  These bikes could be easily modified for added durability, and put to use hardening your butt cheeks, strengthening your lungs, and reducing traffic, wear and tear on our highways and bridges. 


Free Evaluation

It takes a lot of experience and research to find a good deal on a used bike out there.  Next time you find one on that local classifieds website that's in every city in the world now, have the seller meet you here with it.  It will only take us about five minutes to go through the bike and identify any possible damage or maintenance issues, and give you an idea of what kind of costs to expect for the bike in the future.  There's no charge, and unless we're swamped (you might want to call ahead, just in case) we'll get you in and out in no time. 




You gotta know what you're looking at.