Complete Builds:

Single Speed Bike Build: $120 + parts + extras

Multi-Speed Bike Build: $200 + parts + extras

Extras - part detailing/painting/powder coating/frame mods

Component Polishing: Starts at $5 (depends on texture, previous finish, condition & assembly method)

Frame Paint/Powdercoating: Starts at $200 (disassembly/reassembly not inluded)

Frame Modification: Evaluation necessesary

Shipping/Receiving: $95/75 +postage 

Assembly of new-in-box bike from respectable manufacturer: $95 (multispeed)

Assembly of new-in-box department-store quality bike: $180 (multispeed)


A La Carte Services: (alphabetically)

Bottom Bracket Adjust: $15

Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $25 / +$10 if cottered cranks

Bottom Bracket Install: $15 (cartridge) $25 (loose ball) $35 (cottered)

•Tap Bottom Bracket Shell Threads: +$30

Brake Bleed - Hydraulic Disc : $35 + bleed kit (prices vary)

Brake Cable Install/Adjust: $15

Brake Caliper Install/Adjust: $15 per caliper

Brake Lever / Shifter Install: $15 per lever (may require extra charge for grip/tape replacement)

Brake Pad Install/Adjust: $15 per brake

Brake Adjust: (caliper, V, cantilever, mechanical disc) $15 per brake / (center pull, U) $20 per

Cassette/Freewheel Swap: $15

Cog (fixed) Swap: $20

Chain Install: $10

Chain Clean/Soak: $10/25

Chain Ring Alignment: $10-$20

Chain Ring Install: $15/ea, +$5/ea additional

Computer Install: $15 wireless / $25 wired

•Cadence/extras +$5

Crank Set Install/Removal: $15 (2/3 Piece) $20 (One Piece or Cottered)

Derailleur Adjust: $10F / $15R

Derailleur Install: $15F / $20R

Fender Install: $25-$35

Fork Swap : $25

Fork Cut: +$15

Fork Threading: +$35/inch

Handlebar Swap: $10-$25 (may require extra charge for grip/tape replacement)

Handlebar Swap: $10 (flat) $15 (drop) (may require extra charge for grip/tape replacement)

Handlebar Grip Install: $10 Wrap: $20 Hand-stitched/harlequin/woven wrap: $40-80

Handlebar Cut-down: +$10

Headset Adjust: $10 (Threadless) $15 (Threaded)

Headset Swap: $25

Headset Overhaul: $25 + parts

Hub Adjustment: $10F / $15R

Hub Overhaul: $20F / >$25R +parts (specialty hub costs vary)

Kickstand Install: $10

Pedal Install: $10/pr

•Tap pedal threads: +$12.50 per side + parts (helicoil = $12.50ea)

Rack/Basket Install: $25-$45

Saddle Install: $10

•Leather care treatment: $5

Seatpost Swap: $10

Shifter install: $10f/15r

Stem Swap: $10 (bolt on clamp) $17.50 (slot clamp) - bar rewrap charge may apply

Tube/Tire Install: $7.50 Coaster Brake or Internally Geared: $10 Tubular: $20

•Tire Liner/Rim Liner Installation: +$2.50

•Extremely dry mastic removal: +$20

•Special Sauce injection: +$2.50 +$2.50/oz

Tubeless Tire Setup: $35/ea,  $60/set

Wheel Truing: ~$20 & up (if servicable)

Wheel Build/Rebuild/Detension and retune: $65 & up

              •Replace spokes/nips during rebuild: +$1.50/ea + parts 

•Quick spoke replacement with light truing: $20 +1.50/spoke

Wheel Swap: $10F/15-25R





Driver Shaming / Cyclist Cheerleading:  Once per weekday, one of us will text you and ask if you rode your bike, and if your excuses aren't satisfactory, we will either berate or forgive/encourage you.  Sold in packs of twenty days.  Shaming: $15 / Cheering: $20

Personal Route Guide: An experienced cyclist will meet you at your residence with their bike, and ride along with you, showing you the best* route to your destination and back.  Along the way, they will discuss best riding practices** with you.  Great way to get into the habit of cyclocommuting.  Appointment only, $60/hr, tips accepted.  

*Subject to debate.  We'll show you the route we'd take.  **Again, subject to debate.  We are not licensed or bonded safety instructors, just experienced riders.




Possible Surcharges


Removal of Stuck Part: $10 and up

Dog Turd Surcharge: Let's say you ride through a dog turd just before you bring your bike to get a tube changed.  If you push your bike across our floor, we have to charge you a $5 cleaning surcharge.  If one of us fails to notice the dog turd before a smear ends up on our hand and/or clothing, that's a $50 gag reflex surcharge.  For reasons that we hope would be obvious, these fees are non-negotiable, and extremely reasonable.

Unweildy Bike Surcharge:  Cargo bikes, pedicabs and some other especially unweildy bikes are subject to a 50% upcharge on service.  This is in no way intended to discourage use of cargo bikes, as we think cargo bikes are BADASS.  This upcharge is to help offset the cost of the extra time, space and effort necessary to work on them.  If a bike has to be repaired in the parking lot, it's a 70% upcharge.  It will still cost you less in the long run to have them serviced here, as big bikes are very weird, and most shops don't have the necessary experience to get them right the first time. 

Bike storage:  we have storage space available for customers who can't store their bike in their apartment, or don't live in Denver, but would like to keep a bike here.   Storage fee is $10/week, and access is limited to business hours.

Abandoned bike policy: any bike left for more than thirty days after we contact you to pick it up will be donated/sold/disposed of at our discretion.  Please don't make us enforce this rule.  Please.

**Service rate - $75/hr.   Please inquire for estimate on services not listed.