NOTICE: We’re not going to keep doing this forever. The retail landscape is changing fast for small businesses. No judgment - we order stuff online too if it’s like half the price or saves us more than an hour, but that does mean that it just doesn't make sense to keep trying to do things the old way. It’s been a hell of an experiment we’ve learned a LOT, and we’ll be back on the scene in this industry shortly after a 6mo sabbatical in NM. If you can’t find what you need in Denver let me know via email but Chocolate Spokes at Downing & 28th should be able to fit you in. They do absolutely superb service, have more integrity than half the shops in town combined and are more affordable in some cases than we were. Best of luck lut there, be careful, and don’t forget to charge your headlight Xoxo

Summer Hours

Closed. Nobody works here anymore.


Fall / Winter Hours

Closed. Nobody works here anymore.


addr: 3660 B Downing St Denver, CO 80205

ph: 303-587-8389

[Please text if you can, we don’t have an employee who can just answer the phone]

Email us any time: